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7 Tips To Find The Perfect Domain Name

A premium domain name will not only make you look professional and protect your brand, it equally boosts search engine rankings, improves your marketing and visibility, generates traffic and arguably most important, it is a critical asset that tends to increase in value with time.

The potential benefits of having the perfect domain name are endless. Having a high-quality domain name is the first step to enhancing your online presence. Simply put, domain names are like the window display of your physical shop.

A premium domain name will not only make you look professional and protect your brand, it equally boosts search engine rankings, improves your marketing and visibility, generates traffic and arguably most important, it is a critical asset that tends to increase in value with time.

So many domain names are registered on a daily basis, a trend that has continued during the last twenty years. This implies that almost all the potentially marketable and generic domains had already been registered a long time ago! To be more precise, in all probability your first choice name will not be available for registration.

However, with a little bit of research and creativity, you can still come up with an effective domain name that stands out.

So today in this article, we are going to discuss in excruciating details, the seven tips you must follow to help you pick the ultimate domain name. Peruse the article and enhance your knowledge.

1. Keep it unique and simple

Your domain name forms a critical part of your brand. Having a domain which resembles another popular brand is always a bad idea since it can result in lots of confusion on the part of your clients. This only means that keeping your domain unique is extremely important for both you and your users. Equally, your domain must remain short, precise and straightforward.

It is critical to mention that if the name of the domain is relatively long and more complex, you risk your loyal customers either misspelling or mistyping the name. Simple and short is the way to go, especially if you want your users to remember your domain with ease.

2. Set your domain name to auto-renew

When you register your new domain for the first time, you get to choose the registration period. If you didn’t know, this period refers to the time span during which the registrar keeps your domain active and functional on your behalf. On most occasions, most website owners register their domain names to run for either a year or two. After this initial period, the domain must be renewed. Otherwise, it becomes dormant!

After some time, if you miss your window, the name will likely go back to a pool of available domains, implying that anyone can then register it. To be on the safest side, set your domain to automatically renew when it expires. Nearly all domain registrars offer you this option.

3. If possible, always opt for a.COM

Practically, .COM is just one of the many domain name extensions (TLDs) available. Some other popular options include, .biz, .org, .net, .blog, .edu and perhaps .shop. If you are serious about establishing a reputable online brand, there is nothing better than a.COM. There are many reasons why this is crucial, but the most obvious one is for your clients. If you didn’t know, a significant number of internet users are still not aware that there are other TLDs and are likely to hesitate to click such.

They are more familiar with .COM domains and this means that they are unlikely to remember any form of extension that seems weird. According to research, the .COM TLD is used by more than 48% of all websites. Users will always assume a website is a .COM.

4. Create a domain name that meets expectations

It is a common knowledge that branding is critical to your long-term existence and success. There are a number of factors that you must take into consideration if you want to create a brandable domain. First and foremost, it must be easy to memorize. This means that it should not be wordy and complicated. Again, it must be easy to pronounce and must also sound trustworthy and professional.

Your primary goal should always be to create a domain name that can boost brand value over time. If your business is local-based, consider including your state or city in your domain to make it relatively easier for local users to find and memorize it.

5. Hyphens and numbers must not feature in your domain name

Hyphens, as well as other numerical substitutions, will always confuse your users. Perhaps this is because hyphens and numerical values are usually misunderstood. Tell somebody that your website is «football7predictions.com» and they will not remember the same name the next day! Users may not be sure if you are using a numerical value (7) or seven. On the other hand, they are likely to either forget or misplace a hyphen, if used.

6. Make it industry-related if possible

If you are offering services or selling products online, then it would be a great idea to use a domain that is related to your area of specialization. For instance, if your WordPress website is about gluten-free living, then ultimately an URL of GlutenFreeLiving.com can be a viable option.

Having a name that stands out can potentially do a lot for you. Of course, there is more to ranking in the SERPs than just a simple URL, but going for a domain name that stands out will play a huge role in building your authority, brand and it makes it easy for users to recognize what your site is about.

7. Register your social media handles as well

The power of social concerning online marketing is enormous and this is a fact that cannot be ignored. Studies have proven that the average web-connected individual spends at least one hour on Facebook daily. Overall, Facebook boasts more than two billion visits on a monthly basis. In simple terms, people are increasingly likely to check what’s going on with your website on social media platforms than by just visiting the site directly.

This means that efforts must be made to have your professional profiles set up on social media platforms that are popular. If it is possible, get the same handles as the domain name of your site.


When it comes to choosing a domain name, you have many options. There are thousands of titles you can pick to come up with the best possible domain. However, as previously mentioned, your domain name is arguably one of the biggest choices you’ll have to make when creating a website.

We have given you the seven most crucial tips to take into consideration to come up with a practical, efficient and unique domain name. We recommend you to find your perfect domain name with WPlook Studio, where you can pick up your extension from .com;. net; .org; .biz; .net and register your domain name.

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